Every once in a while pure genius appears in the most simple form. For me, the most recent brush with genius has come in a little colorful magnet.

Racedots are the idea that runners have been waiting to finally appear. Created by a cyclists who was done with watching his very expensive cycling jerseys ruined by the safety pins required to keep his race bibs in place and in full view.


Racedots are two magnets shaped to fit together and stay in place no matter what you are doing while wearing them. The front is a colorful button with a magnet with a small protruding piece on the back. The back of racedots is a donut shaped magnet, and this is the perfection in the system. They snap together and they don't slide or pull apart.  



I decided to give racedots a try and wore them while I running the Big Cottonwood Canyon Half Marathon Cottonwood, Utah. I had just purchased a new Nuu-Muu exercise dress and no way was I going to stick pens in that.

These strong little magnets love to stick together and at first, I found myself struggling a little to get them on the front. When I pulled the two pieces apart to line up my bib they would fly together like long lost lovers after a long separation. After a few trials and errors I figured out how far apart I needed to keep them to prevent them snapping together prematurely. Once I figured that out, putting them on the dress was easy!



The racedots gave me no trouble during the run. I didn't even notice them. I chose to place them over my right leg on the skirt of the dress. Wearing the Nuu-Muu gave me a chance to  place the bib somewhere besides in the center of my stomach. I tend to drag my arm across the bib during a run and it is annoying. So, this time I was able to put it on my leg where my arms wouldn't brush it. Perfect.

I did stop frequently to take advantage of the port-a-potties along the way. Only twice did my racedots stick together during the process. Easy enough to fix, I just pulled them apart and went on my way. It wasn't difficult to get them apart, so I don't consider it a downside to the racedots.

Given an option between racedots or pins, I will take the racedots anytime. Knowing that I had not put holes in my new exercise dress put my mind at ease. They were easy to put on, they stayed in place, and I didn't even notice them during the run.

 At $19.99, racedots are a worthwhile investment.