Spring has sprung everywhere except Utah it seems! In the few years that we have been in Utah we have learned that Utah has 3 seasons: summer, fall and winter. Every year it seems Mother Nature blows right out of winter smack into summer. Here it is April and we have been dealing with typical January temperatures and snow showers.

The heater in my house is still keeping us warm inside, and my seat warmer in my car is still warming my buns every morning. Two weeks ago I put all my winter boots away and actually pulled out my sandals. What a dreamer! Fatal mistake! I pretty much guaranteed a few more weeks of winter. No one needs the forecasts of a silly groundhog, just wait to see what I do with my shoe collection.

As I pulled together my outfit selections for Skirting the Run, I had a difficult time choosing warm weather pieces. Facebook posts from friends and family around the US indicated that Spring had arrived in other parts of the country. Jealous, but determined, I carefully chose a few pieces that would allow those of us experiencing a Spring deficit, and those of you who already are headed devastatingly close to summer.

Here's hoping that whatever the weather is like in your neck of the woods that you are still out (or in) running.

Make your runs happy, colorful and safe.