Today I was supposed to run 10 miles, but it actually turned out to be just under 9 miles. I was ok with the run being a bit short because I really ran it harder than my training plan called for and I felt great! If you read my last training post you saw that I have lots of issues with my calves cramping.

I wore my compression sleeves today, and I think that helped tremendously. It also helped that it was cool and raining and I didn't get too hot. 

So, what plan do I use? Well, I used to use the Hal Higdon training. But, I have found that I am very prone to injury and running 5 days a week is too much for me. I used to just follow his speed/hill workout, mid-distance run, and long run workouts. That worked okay for me. 

Then one day I came across an article in Runner's World. The idea that I could really run 3 days a week and improve my running appealed to me. Now, this method is very different from any other marathon or half plan I have followed. Most of them firmly believe that your long run should be a long, slow run. Not FIRST. Because you only run 3 days, you run them harder than other plans. 

I bought the book, Run Faster, Run Less  because the article introduced the plan, but I wanted to have the book to get the full plan. I love the results. My biggest obstacle is and always will be getting my long runs in (and of course my mid week runs around the family's schedules) to get to the starting line fully trained. It hasn't happened yet, but I KNOW I can do it!

I love that this plan has two defined cross training days. They are specific and very clearly explained in the book. For me, the guess work involved in what qualifies as worthwhile cross training was stressful. 

I ran my 10 miles today at a much faster pace than I thought was possible. Actually for most of the run I ran it 20 seconds faster than the plan called for. The big surprise...I didn't die. I didn't cramp. I didn't wear down at the end. So, I am hopeful that I can not only finish strong my next race, but maybe even finish in a better time!

What is your biggest revelation in your training you have had?