I'm going to let you in on a little secret...I eat dirty. I know. I just can't help it sometimes. I'm not proud of it, but, the truth is, sometimes I even feed my kids dirty. Deep in a corner of a secret drawer, I even have a stash that I keep so I can eat dirty all by myself with no intention of sharing. 

Now, before you go checking the rating of this page..I promise, this is 100% G rated, good for all audiences.

In case the term "eating clean" is new to you, or maybe a bit vague, let me explain. According to the good folks at The Gracious Pantry (love this site) there are three methods for eating clean. But, the basic rules for eating clean are pretty simple:

1. eat lots of fruits and vegetables

2. avoid processed foods (processed sugars, white flours, white rice,artificial anything)

3. eat meat

4. avoid foods with more than 3-6 ingredients on the label

5. avoid foods with ingredients you can't pronounce

6. more water, less carbonated 


That's basically it. I have been thinking about going clean for some time. Why? Because I really believe that the less chemicals I put in my body, the better my body will be. See, I am 46 and I have a 6 year old. My husband and I are determined to stay young and healthy for them. I have this recurring nightmare that I take my daughter to college and her roommate whispers how nice it is that her grandmother took her to college. I mean, let's do the math together. She is just finishing kindergarten. So, 12 years from now (46 + 12 = 58). Yeah. I will be grandma aged. 

I am also hanging on to 10 good pounds that I am really ready to part with. (See previous training post about thigh rub-age). I mean my inner thighs are like sisters forced to share a room for the first time...there is ALOT of friction! 

So, how does this idea translate into my hectic life?

1. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables (in truth more fruits than vegetables lately)

2. I try to use less bottled marinades and prepackaged seasonings ( I make my own taco and chili seasonings)

3. I try to only have 2 sodas a week. (I only refrigerate one soda at a time because I won't drink it warm or over ice)

4. I stick to brown rice and whole grains (when reasonable)


But, I love my vanilla honey greek yogurt, my coke zero and my flavored coffee creamer. So, I will continue to seek out great family friendly recipes that are healthy, tasty, clean and oh, yeah...quick and easy to make. 

So what about you? Are you dirty? Or clean? What are your best tips?


Next time: Homemade power bars