I don't like water. I mean, I know we are made up of water. I know that my brain needs water. But, I really don't like water. I don't drink much during the day. Of anything. I typically don't even order a drink when we eat out. I will ask for water at a restaurant, but I rarely drink it. 

Now, let's look back at all of my distance races and the issues that I have had. Yep. I know. Hydration related. 

But, I am a teacher, and we don't get to go to the bathroom every time nature calls. So, like many teachers I avoid drinking water so I can avoid needing to use the restroom very often. 

So, on my list of things to get better at is definitely hydration. Looking around I found this little tidbit:

 "Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate! In cold weather and warm. We use water to sweat, lubricate joints, tendons, and ligaments, and to carry blood efficiently to major organs. I work all day at hydrating." -Dr. Alex Ratelle, former masters running great

Ok, I get it. So, I need to make new habits. One of the ways I have worked on getting more water in my routine is I try to get 20-24 oz of water down while I am getting ready for work. Then I try to get another 16 oz or so in as I drive into work and before the kids arrive.  I drink some water with lunch. Then, I try to drink another 16-20 oz on the way home. This way when I get home and work out, I am hydrated. Right? Uh-huh. 

In today's smartphone world, there is an app for everything. Guess what? I found an app to help me track my water intake. It's called Drinking Water. It's free (I am too cheap to pay for an app). I downloaded it tonight. I am excited to see if it helps. It has little glasses of water you click on as you drink. There is a timer that will ring every hour to remind you to drink. You set the goal for how many cups of water you would like to drink. My favorite feature is the applause you get when you reach your water goal for the day. Who doesn't appreciate a little applause when they reach a difficult goal?


 You should check it out: Drinking water app


I want to be better hydrated.

I want to limit my distance running problems. 

I want to run a marathon without calf cramps. 



How do you make sure you stay hydrated? What are your hydration challenges?