About Us


I’ve been a runner for 32 years.


 I don’t win races. I don’t break records. I run.


I’ve run everything from the 5k to the marathon and everything in between. I have a rack full of medals and ribbons representing hours of hard work on the roads and treadmills of my life. I run because it’s a slice of peace and quiet. It’s how I manage all the chaos of a mother-who-is-also-a-wife-and-teacher.


I run because it’s how I recharge and reconnect with friends. I run so my girls will understand the importance of taking care of oneself. I run to see the world. I run because I love it.


My running clothes have always been functional…and black. Black goes with everything…right? Over the past few years I have noticed that women are lining up at the starting line in vibrant colors, fun patterns, even a tutu or two. So, I began searching for performance clothes that even a regular runner, like myself, can wear. Clothes that combine flirty colors that feel as good as they look.


Skirting the Run was conceived out of this desire to find clothes for the regular runner. My models on the site are regular runners, not professional models. They are the women in my neighborhood. The women I work with. They are your neighbors, your co-workers and you.


I hope you will find the inspiration to keep running, to keep it colorful and fun when you are Skirting the Run!


-Susan LaDuke, Founder-CEO


Questions? :


email us at: skirtingtherun@gmail.com

we will respond with 24 hours. 




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